The weather is getting a bit cooler, and the leaves are changing colors on the trees. It is very important this time of year to be aware of your surroundings as we approach the colder months. Walkways may gather more leaves and water, and once the winter comes, ice and snow. It is getting darker earlier as well which can pose a visibility issue and increase chances of falls.

Here are 5 safety tips to remember this Fall:

  1. Wear supportive shoes when inside and outside of your home. With all the leaves and acorns on the ground, be sure to be mindful where you step outdoors. When inside, assess for clutter and things that you could trip on in the middle of the night and around your house.
  2. Be careful of mats and rugs in your entryways and throughout the house. As decorative as they may be, they could be the number one risk for falls in your immediate surroundings.
  3. Make sure you have a timer or sensor on your outdoor lights if possible. Coming home in the later afternoon can be a hazard if your property is not properly lit.
  4. Placing things on your stairs like clothing and things to you intend to bring upstairs later can cause a fall.
  5. Be careful of leaves falling on uneven sidewalks outside your home and within your community.

We can focus on the Fall since it is approaching but the truth is, we need to be mindful of falls every single day. We provide Fall Safety education in our community regularly. Be on the look-out and reach out to us to schedule your presentation in your senior centers, senior living communities, or recreation/community centers.

Oak trees are known to shed acorns which can be just one more thing to add to risk of falling list. One of the good things about an abundance of acorns falling, is the chance of a mild winter. We must look at the positive, right?

If you would like a Mobility Concierge to assess your home for safety, please reach out to us by calling 609-759-1261 or emailing [email protected]. You can also visit our website for more home safety tips here.

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