The act of aging in place at home sounds simple enough. After all, we’ve lived there for decades, right? We ask our children to promise us that they will never “put us in a home”. Sometimes it’s not quite that simple and there needs to be modifications to make that wish possible. Two solutions come to mind when we talk about truly being able to be the safest in our environment when living at home as we age or when we have a disability.

Stairlifts-Unless you  live in a one floor ranch style home or condo, being able to safely go up and down the stairs is priority. When someone is unable to go up and down the stairs, their quality of life is greatly affected. Many folks end up sleeping on their couch or in their recliners to avoid having to go to the bedroom. Their bathing and hygiene become an issue because perhaps their only shower is on the second floor. So is their clothing.

Angelion Mobility/Mobility Doctor is proud to be a dealer of Handicare products. The Handicare 1100 is one of the slimmest stairlifts on the market. Our installation team boasts an efficient and smooth installation process and customer satisfaction has been 100%. Don’t worry if you have a door at the base of your stairs, or an entrance way to a bedroom at the top of the stairs. These units have a manual and powered option, and we can talk you through which is right for your unique situation.

Lift Recliners-Although we are a licensed dealer of many recliners, we have found that a customer favorite is the Golden Technologies line.  Did you know many seniors end up sleeping in their recliner? This is not always a safe option if there are coinciding health conditions and fall concerns. Let us help you find the right chair for you or your loved one! A Golden lift chair can go from a lying down position to a standing position in only 15-20 seconds. Not only do these chairs help the person using it, but also the caregiver who often must lift their loved one out of their standard recliner which is not safe for either involved.

Not sure what you need? Start with a chat with your personal Mobility Concierge and start the conversation. A home safety consultation is also an option and will help us get to know you and your environment to best recommend the solutions for you.

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