We are seeing many families who wish to keep their loved one home. We can provide them with solutions to be sure their home is safe. Everything from ramps to help them get in and out of their home, stairlifts to get them up and down the stairs safely, bathroom modifications such as grab bars and non-slip floor treatments to reduce falls, and so much more! We are so happy to help families honor their loved one’s wishes when it comes to remaining safely at home.

The truth is, aging in place at home is not the safest option for everyone. We conduct a thorough home safety assessment as an option for families who are not quite sure if remaining at home is right for their loved one. Some may have cognitive impairment and need a memory care community. Some may need a few hours of home care or a live-in caregiver, and some may need to go to a long-term care community such as an Assisted Living or a Long-Term Care facility. If that is the case, a Mobility Concierge will help guide them on the next steps they will need to assure the safety of the family’s loved one.

Although a facility, often-times the safest option for some, has a patient’s and resident’s safety as a priority, there are still ways that we can help provide the safest state-of-the-art option for that person who is in a care community. Our Strongback wheelchair a fantastic option for the person who is in the wheelchair most of the day. It is tilted back just enough to take the pressure off the spine and provide a more comfortable option than the standard clunky wheelchair. (Did we mention it is only 25 lbs.?) We carry top of the line mobility scooters and power wheelchairs for the person who can get around with just a little assistance on their own.

A recliner lift chair can help a patient or resident remain independent for a longer amount of time. So many aging adults have trouble getting out of their traditional recliners, using all their energy just to be able to stand up.  Traditional recliners are not built for folks who have weak arms and legs or limited mobility. A recliner lift chair can take you from a twilight reclined position all the way to a standing position safely in less than 20 seconds. Why is this important? It allows you to save your energy for getting around your living space as opposed to getting out of the chair.

Whether it is someone who wishes to age in place at home, someone who needs a care facility, or a family member with a disability, it all starts with a chat with a Mobility Concierge to discuss the options which will empower you or your loved one today for a safer tomorrow.

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