When we started Angelion Mobility, it was particularly important to us that we had a solid give back program to our veterans and our community in need. This could not be more important than it is at this moment. Just this month, we have met with at least 3 families who need power scooters and lift chairs.

Although we have financing options, sometimes those options are not appropriate for everyone.  We accept donation of gently used equipment and can help folks if they need wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, and bath chairs. Occasionally, we get requests for these items and can donate to those in need of them. We have received over 100 donations since January and have been able to assist many families with these items.

This summer, are shifting our donation focus to power scooters and lift chairs! Of course, we cannot just pick these items up and store them and deliver them, but we can match families who have the need with someone donating them who are willing to pick them up. We ask that you spread the word of the need that we are finding in Mercer, Camden, Gloucester counties, and share our mission to help those in need with items they would never be able to purchase for themselves. If you know someone who has a scooter or lift chair in excellent working condition that they are no longer using, please reach out to your Mobility Concierge, Sheli at [email protected]. We can assist in finding a home for those items and put them in the hands of someone who is disabled and who could not otherwise afford them. Help us to help others live their life without limitation.

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