My Nanny lived in Brooklyn for over 50 years. Every Sunday, we would go to her home for her Sunday “gravy” and macaroni. One Sunday, we went to visit, and she said we were going to a restaurant. “A restaurant?”, we thought. Nanny has not been to a restaurant unless it was after a funeral or for an event over the past 20 years. We wondered what was the special occasion that she would like to take us all to a restaurant? After thinking about it, we realized that there was no special occasion. We asked her what made her choose to go to a restaurant this specific day. She admitted that the truth was she could no longer lift the pot of boiling macaroni safely. She explained about how it caused so much pain in her arthritic hands and she was afraid she would drop it or hurt herself. After that we took her out to a restaurant some Sundays or brought food to her in her little Brooklyn apartment. This became a limitation for her. As a family, we identified that it was a problem, and we knew that Nanny could no longer traditionally make her Sunday gravy and macaroni. We realized that if we came over a little earlier, she could ABSOLUTELY make her gravy. We would make boil the macaroni for her and get it ready for her to spoon the sauce on and assist with anything that she could not manage. So, this limitation became manageable for her. At least for a while. We would do anything to keep her as independent as possible for as long as possible to help her engage in a life without limitation.

Our goal at Angelion Mobility is to help people “engage in life without limitation”. We can help keep you and your loved one as independent as possible for as long as possible.  We can help make it possible for folks who have not been to their second floor in quite some time to be able to access their home as they always have. Safely and with less risk of falling.  We can help make it safe for someone to take a shower without a fear of falling with the proper shower chair or grab bar. We even can provide a glow in the dark toilet seat or grab bar if they so choose. We can provide a ramp so folks can enter and exit their home with ease. We can provide a light foldable scooter to be able to be as active in the community as they may have been before. We can provide a lift chair for those who can no longer get out of their recliner to help ease them to their feet.

Our goal is to always turn the “I can’t” turn to an “I can”.  Identify the things your loved one can no longer physically do. Perhaps with a conversation with our Mobility Concierge, you will find a solution to help change their “I can’t” to an “I can”.

The first step is to identify the limitation someone who is aging or who has disabilities may be facing. Do these limitations affect quality of life? Are they stopping the person from accessing the home they love so dearly where they would like to stay as they age in place? Is it stopping them from going out to doctor appointments, shopping or out in the community because they are afraid to fall?

If your answer is yes to these questions, let us talk about how we can assist your loved one engage in a life without limitation. We cannot help them make macaroni, but we can certainly help with other things. Reach out to start the conversation. We would love to hear from you. Call our Mobility Concierge at 609-759-1261 today or visit our website to request a complimentary home safety assessment.

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